East Welcomes Mr. Ostrosky to The Herd


Photo credit: Lilly McGregor Photography

Jared Ostrosky is a new teacher at East for the ’22-’23 school year. He has been teaching for 14 years at three different schools, and he previously taught at South Forsyth High, Lambert, and now East Forsyth. “I guess I realized it in graduate school when I was teaching a Wellness class and training all the student athletes and realized that I liked doing it and I was pretty good at getting the information to the students, so I stuck with it,” Ostrosky said after being asked when he knew he wanted to be a teacher. 

Mr. Ostrosky grew up in the South Florida area, more specifically Palm Beach, where he played Basketball, Golf, and Soccer in high school. In college he played Soccer at Truett-McConnell University and was on the Basketball team at the University of North Georgia. Besides teaching, he has also been a coach for the Golf, Basketball, Track, and Lacrosse teams. 

Regarding teaching and coaching, Mr. Ostrosky said one of his favorite accomplishments was involved with sports he coached.  “Winning the 2016 State lacrosse title and in 2018 the National Title in lacrosse, that has to be my favorite memory and accomplishment while coaching and teaching” Said Ostrosky. Even though he has not coached any sports at EFHS, he chooses to stay active by working out and playing Golf in his free time.