East Welcomes Mrs. Berry to The Herd


Photo credit: Lilly McGregor Photography

       When sitting down with one of the new EFHS Geometry teachers for the 22-23 school year, Alexa Berry easily charmed with her passion to not only inspire her students, but be inspired by them. “My family inspires me. I have my two grandmothers, who are both teachers, and they initially inspired me. And my coworkers, seeing them everyday and what they’re doing in their classrooms inspires me” Said Berry . Leading by example, Berry’s passion has made a huge impact on her students. Berry was drawn to teaching with her appreciation of her high school math teacher. “She was just a lot of fun, and a really sweet person overall. She is the first math teacher I had that made the classroom enjoyable-so she really set me up for the rest of high school, and college”, said Berry. 


    When asked about her experience as a new teacher at a new school, Berry explained how although there are so many new faces, the mix of experienced and new teachers has made acclamation easier. “I do think it is comforting that there are a lot of new teachers and new faces, because we’re all kind in it together, and figuring it out together. But even in this school there’s still a ton of experienced teachers, so I’m kinda still getting both sides of that since the experienced teachers are able to also help me” said Berry. 


  When she’s not teaching Geometry, Berry enjoys reading and literature. “I love high school math, but there was a time briefly where I did consider middle school, because there you can pick two subjects, and I could choose math and Language Arts. But in the end, I was still sold on high school math” said Berry. “I haven’t gotten to read for fun in a while, but my favorite book genre is fantasy.” 


   For Berry, connecting and inspiring students is a crucial factor in effective teaching. “Making connections with students is something I’m proud of, because I still have students from last year, when I did my student teaching, that I have connections with. Just having those connections reminds me that I am making a difference.”Even with the school year just beginning, Berry has quickly become a favorite teacher for many students. We are so excited to experience and encourage her influence on the student body!