East Welcomes Mrs. Lebeau to The Herd


Photo credit: Lilly McGregor Photography

When coming to a second year school with expectations higher than ever, new and returning teachers began planning their ideas to make an even better atmosphere for EFHS students. CTAE teacher, Mrs. Lebeau, is one of the many new faces joining the school staff, and welcoming a new course for students interested in business and entrepreneurship. Lebeau has been teaching now for four years, coming from Little Mill Middle School which is considered the partner school to East. 


A wonderful thing about the CTAE teachers is their passion to influence and create a better environment for kids interested in expanding their horizons with business after high school. Whether they were entrepreneurs themselves before, or they knew what it was like being in the business field, their goal is to provide an atmosphere where students can learn about getting to the point of reaching success as a business/entrepreneurship major in or outside of college. “The entry level to the class mainly covers basic business skills, such as how to write a resume and how to communicate professionally during an interview with an employer,” Lebeau said. “The third level of this class, usually for upperclassmen, is how to start your own business, so over time students are learning more about the bigger things and what comes with each field of business”. 


When asked about why students should consider  joining her class, Lebeau explained the importance of social skills that are learned in the CTAE class and how they fit in everyday life. “It’s applicable to every career option, not just in the business field. TO be your own boss, not only just for yourself, but to have those kinds of leadership skills as an employee too is incredibly important.” Lebeau said. “This class isn’t just for people who want to be self made entrepreneurs, but also for people who want to learn the aspects of a good, hard working person. There’s entrepreneurs who are millionaires only at age 12, so it just goes to show that working isn’t like it used to be. You can be successful and work on your own at any age, as long as you know where to start.”


Aside from being involved in her pathway course, Mrs. Lebeau also enjoys the different activities and sports East offers to everyone, such as going to the football games every Friday night to cheer on the Broncos. Lebeau has two kids that will eventually be attending EFHS when they reach high school, and she says she is excited to see what they choose to specialize in for their high school extracurriculars and sports. Mrs. Lebeau values the Be Better motto greatly, and offers bronco block sessions every monday for her FBLA organization, that also helps students learn about business a little more in depth. With Lebeau joining the Heard, it’s safe to say that the 2022-2023 school year will benefit greatly from her presence as the CTAE pathway teacher.