East Forsyth Takes on the DECA Fall Rally


Photo credit: EFHS Deca Club

Mrs. Ziegler is the marketing teacher at East Forsyth as well as the DECA advisor. Mrs. Ziegler took her students and DECA members to Six Flags Over Georgia as a part of a DECA event called the “Fall Rally”. East Forsyth took 60 DECA students on the field trip. The DECA chapter has grown tremendously since last year. 

“Last year as our first year of our chapter we only had 33 paid members and now we have over 100 this year, which is really exciting. We have a lot more students that are interested in competing and just being involved as well.”  Ziegler proudly announced. 

Ziegler added, “Our overall chapter membership has already over tripled from last year’s numbers.” She enjoys being an advisor because she gets to see the students succeed in ways outside of the classroom. “We also get to work hard on projects and get to do a lot of good things for our school in our community.” Ziegler said. Additionally, she was an international top 10 winner when she was a high school student, as well as being a state officer. 

The Fall Rally was held at Six Flags, as it had been the year before. The DECA organization rented out the park for students to enjoy. Ziegler mentioned leadership opportunities and a keynote speaker. 

“[The speaker] talked about being our best selves and bringing the best to the table. And that’s this year’s theme for DECA is ‘get the edge’.” noted Mrs. Ziegler. “Get the edge” means to bring out our competitive edge and be better than the competition. 

DECA is a great organization for students to become prepared for the world of entrepreneurship, marketing, hospitality, and more. Students get so many opportunities to succeed, become leaders, and have fun. Fall Rally allowed our students here at EFHS to have fun while also having an opportunity to ‘get the edge’. There are more events coming up for DECA and Mrs. Ziegler that include: Fall Leadership Development conference, State Career Development conference, and International Career Development Conference. We will keep you updated on more events to come!