East Forsyth Celebrates Another Successful National Beta Club Induction


Photo credit: Jonah Douglas

Jonah Douglas
Jonah Douglas

National Beta Club is a non-profit organization which serves to promote service and academic achievement. To be invited into Beta, students must maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA as well as serve 15 hours in the program. Here at East Forsyth, Laura Englebert runs our Beta Club, along with the help of Mrs. Zaimis. The club currently has around 150 members.

On October 12th, Beta had its annual induction ceremony to welcome new members, and include parents in their child’s education. The Beta officers, including Harrsion Lowe (President) Hayden Mulnix (Vice President) , Melissa Lugo (Secretary), Abigail Richardson (Historian), and Sarah Jordan (Treasurer) helped lead the induction alongside Ms. Englebert. These students were chosen to represent Beta because “they are high-achieving students” and showed interest in leading. They all spoke in front of the parents at the induction to introduce themselves and go over the main pillars /values of the National Beta Club. “The induction is my favorite event because it honors new members and is a good way for the parents to be more involved with their children and their extracurriculars”, says Melissa Lugo. 

Since the 2021-2022 school year was East’s opening year, it was difficult to find students to participate, but the members chosen have done a phenomenal job at doing their part. The students have not only excelled in meeting Beta requirements, but also at showing up to Bronco Block meetings and participating in volunteer activities such as campus cleanups and school decoration projects. These activities do not only serve the community, but they also create a community by engaging students and bringing in new members. Beta Club was an absolute success last year, especially regarding the induction, and it is continuing to grow and thrive this year. The students and staff at East Forsyth can not wait to see its progress.