East Forsyth Theater Performs Spitfire Grill


East Forsyth’s cast for Spitfire Grill.

Between the 10th and 12th of November, the East Forsyth Theater program performed Spitfire Grill : The story of a woman moving to a small town in Wisconsin after being released from jail, for unknown reasons, and getting a job at a restaurant in which a raffle is held to help sell it, which helps boost the popularity and notability of the town. It is a story of new beginnings including new friendships, relationships, and a redeeming chance at life. 

Both the performers and stage crew worked extremely hard to bring the play to life, working through countless rehearsals and struggles. East Forsyth senior Hannah Wagner, who played Shelby Thorpe, a cook at the grill with a very timid and dependent personality, spoke about the challenges surrounding her vocal part, as she is an Alto ll who had to sing Soprano notes. Hannah and the other members of the play excelled in pushing themselves to try new things and improve themselves as performers.

Assistant Stage Manager, Jenna Vincent, gave the perspective of how the play operated behind the scenes. Although the tech crew is not always recognized, the play would not go on without the lights, sound, costumes, makeup and management. The combination of the performers and the tech crew created a beautiful performance, which was clearly displayed when East Forsyth excelled at Sub-region, which was the first time they had ever performed Spitfire Grill. All three of the performances at East Forsyth were wonderful, but the most memorable was the last, because of how emotional it was specifically for the Seniors, who were performing their last first play. The East Forsyth Theater program continues to amaze staff, students and family, and we can not wait to see what the program will do in the future.