Hurricane Season Breaks Record of the First US Storm Report in November In 40 Years


Photo credit: The Weather Channel

With Thanksgiving approaching soon, The AmericanPeople tend to start their holiday traditions early with activities like decorating and planning family visits. Unfortunately for Florida, the season of thankfulness is being interfered with by a deadly touchdown of the ongoing hurricane season’s newest storm: Hurricane Nicole. Not only is this storm coming in rapidly, but it is the first November hurricane in the United States in nearly 40 years. What will this storm bring to The Orange State, and how will it impact the remainder of Hurricane Season 2022?

Hurricane Nicole first appeared on the radar in the early morning of November 10th, 2022. Experts classified it as a Category 1 tropical depression. Forming on the east coast, Nicole has made its way through most of Central Florida as of November 11th, even creating side effects of thunderstorms all the way up in Georgia. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicted that Nicole would move towards Georgia on Thursday evening and reach parts of South Carolina by Friday morning. While in many states, there has only been (and should remain) a light storm, the strong winds and profound rain in Florida have been an overall devastating experience.

In the past two days of Nicole’s reckoning, several deaths along the coast have occurred following numerous accidents caused by the winds and floods. News coverage has shown that two people in Orange County were electrocuted to death after a powerline fell into the flooded area. Soon after, another man was reported dead by first responders in Cocoa Beach after waves prevented him from docking his boat and safely getting to cover. Along with this, there has already been immense damage reported by numerous news outlets. CNN reported 160,000 homes being without power and 17,000 electric linemen sent to help with the assistance of rescue boats and emergency vehicles in the area as of Friday.

With all of this devastation, how will Florida recover? Thankfully, many county agencies aid in relief support, standby assistance for any homes impacted by the flood, and support groups for families that lose loved ones to the storms. If you want to know more about how to help Floridians recover from Hurricane Nicole, click the following link to a support group created to provide emergency supplies to aid those affected.